Mosaic hen party – the one with the butless butler!!


As I slowly drove down the street, peering out the window at the house numbers, I knew I was close and was really hoping I would get parked nearby. A car then pulled out of its parking bay, to reveal what was most definitely and unquestionably my destination… fantastic… and a good omen for what was clearly going to be a fun afternoon!

It was glaringly obvious this house was  hosting a hen party and these girls were up for some fun…


We had decided that the girls would all make a coaster, something small as many of them live in far away places, including the bride to be, whose fiancee is from Peru, where they met and live. I had all the tools and materials prepared and ready … what I wasn’t prepared and ready for was the ‘butless butler’!!

The girls were all really lovely and as I suspected, lots of fun. Tables all setup, mosaicing talk done… they got stuck into their masterpieces, many of which were themed around the wedding.

Loved this … one of the girls decided to create a mosaic of the groom 🙂

The lovely bride to be on the right hand side created a glass of bubbly… the hen on the left a black bird…

Well… it is a hen party… and he is from Lima 😉

The engagement ring

Brilliant 🙂

Mosaics all ready to take back to the studio for grouting


With all the mosaics complete, I packed everything up carefully and took them back to the studio where I ensured they were all properly stuck and left them overnight to dry. The following day I grouted, polished and added little felt feet before bagging and returning to the host house.

The handsome groom!

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