Children’s mosaic parties

Children’s Mosaic Parties in and around London

Kids love mosaicing. I have two daughters and I just love their creativity; children have a wonderful and unique approach to art which I believe should be encouraged and nurtured.

My kids always have something on the go .. and when their friends come to visit they are always interested and keen to get involved.

As two of my very favourite things are children and mosaicing; I had a light bulb moment … and Prickly Poppy Mosaic Parties was born!

Children create something they can treasure for ever;  parents are equally happy when their child has something other that sweets  to remember the occasion.

Prickly Poppy children’s mosaic parties are very popular so if you would like to host one then please book early.

How does it work?

Its simple!

I come to your house bringing all the materials required; a base to mosaic on, a selection of gorgeous tiles, glue, tablecloth etc etc. All you will need is a table large enough for everyone to sit round bearing in mind you can sit quite snug when you mosaic.

I will talk the children through the process, guiding them and giving them pointers as they go. It is such a joy working with children and watching their natural ability to put colours together that I wouldn’t have imagined … and making it work!

Unicorn mosaics from Sophie’s 8th birthday party

When finished I carefully pack up the mosaics and all the equipment and pack it away. For me this is when the work really begins. I take them all home and ensure that everything is glued firmly in place, I then leave them overnight to dry. The following day I  grout, clean and polish the artwork, paint the sides and add a hook  so they are ready to hang. I will delivery them (or have them delivered) as soon as possible after the party, individually bagged to be handed out to the children.

What do they make?

I bring either wooden shapes, tiles or pieces of MDF for the children to create their masterpieces on; I have found hearts to be very popular. The shapes are roughly 15cm in diameter,  this is a good size as it  large enough for a unique design but not too big as to be overwhelming.

If you have having a themed party or there is something that the children are particularly fond of, then I can bring shapes to fit the theme or draw images onto the MDF.

How many children can I invite?

Parties are for between 6 and 12 children.
Feel free to contact me to discuss..

What does it cost?
The price is £190 for 6 children and £15 for each extra child up to a maximum of 12 children.

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  1. Hi,
    I would be interested in one of your parties for my daughter who is about to turn 7. Would you be free on Saturday 22nd April?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Yes… I can do April 22nd. I actually have one booked the Saturday before and the Saturday after so that was lucky 🙂
      Can I ask where you are?
      You can see lots of photos on my FB site of mosaics that children have made at parties, I will add a gallery on my website soon.
      Let me know if you would like to go ahead and book and I can email you with more details.
      Very best wishes

  2. My son recently attended one of Kirsteen’s Mosaic tile parties and he loved it. He’s generally not into art and crafts or sitting still for long periods of times but Kirsteen really caught his imagination. She found a Pokemon design that he loved and really got stuck in. In fact she found different designs for each child at the party. Her materials were lovely and the finish on the tile which she delivered was so professional. Such a unique idea for a kids parties and I highly recommend her.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Jessica. It was lovely to meet you and Otto, I am so pleased he enjoyed the party and is happy with the finished mosaic.

  3. My 6-year-old daughter attended one of Kirsteen’s mosaic parties. She absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it for days afterward. Kirsteen is really bubbly and fun and is entertaining throughout. Such a fab way to celebrate a birthday and I love the idea of a novel keepsake instead of the usual party bags!

  4. Thank you so much for a memorable, unique party. The children absolutely loved creating their unicorn mosaics (and chatting to you!) and the end results are brilliant. All the girls are chuffed with their masterpieces ready to hang on the wall!

    1. Hi Liz,
      It was an absolute pleasure! Sophie and the rest of the girls were an absolute delight… I am so pleased that they are all happy with their mosaics.Kirsteen x

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