South African Map Mosaic Art

South African Map Mosaic Art

One day I will visit South Africa …. one day. I will take my daughters and we will explore some of the wonderful places that I have heard so much about. The beautiful beaches, the bush, the wildlife, flora and fauna. With so many fabulous friends from this part of the world it seems a sin that I have not yet been!

This project … this mosaic of South Africa … looks like being the closest I will get for the time being. My geography of this incredible country certainly improved along the way though, to my shame I admit that I was not aware of the existence of  Lesotho.

My client wanted a mosaic in the shape of South African with the colours of the South African flag. She requested that certain areas were personalised; where her family live and where she was married…. other than this I had creative license.

First thing was to get the shape right, trace it onto a piece of MDF and jigsaw out.


The next thing was to decide in which direction to overlay the map for best effect and then very carefully measure up and draw it on. Then began the exciting, creative, fun and incredibly time consuming job of the mosaicing…



As the mosaic very slowly but surely starts coming together, all the carefully selected and cut elements finding their natural place as part of a bigger picture, working intuitively, working from the heart … three hours could pass, or seven or ten … I love this process so so much.


Eventually the mosaic was complete … grouted, clean and polished.


My client and her husband were married in White River, near Nelspruit (I actually know where this is now, so I added little wedding bells. Her family live in Welcom (didn’t I say my geography of SA has improved), so here I embedded a lovely little photo of a African family symbol under a piece of tinted glass and added the work ‘tuis’ below … the Africans for ‘home’.



I wanted Lesthos to stand out but also blend in …

Now I just need to get over there and see the real thing. One day 🙂


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