Bespoke Mosaic Jewellery

Bespoke Mosaic Jewellery


Making jewellery gives me huge amounts of pleasure, the process of playing around with colour and texture and cutting into little pieces into shape is very instinctive and so very satisfying.

I was contacted last year by a lady who had previously purchased a few items of my jewellery but now wanted something bespoke. She was attending an award ceremony in which her company was up for an award and wanted some jewellery to go with her outfit… a ring, pendant and bracelet.

She sent me a photos of the outfit … a deep blue sheer dress and ankle boots with gold zip. She wanted the base of the jewellery, chain etc to be gold but the rest she left up to me.

I was really pleased with the results; more importantly … so was she… and they won the award  🙂

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