Lorna’s hen party

Lorna’s hen party

Lorna’s hen party … this really was SUCH a fun afternoon!

I have been running children’s mosaic parties for a long time now … but this was my first with grown ups… my first hen party… and it really could not have been more different.

This was to be one of a series of events that the hens had organised to take place over the weekend. I was delighted to hear afterwards that this had been Lorna’s favourite. She was very arty and mosaic was something that she very much wanted to try.

While in discussion with the hens to organise this activity I explained an idea that I had been thinking of for hen parties. I was delighted that they loved the idea.

I suggested that each person created a mosaic on a square, I would then take them back to the studio, arrange and secure them all onto a piece of mdf with a mirror in the middle. I would then create a border around the individual mosaics and the whole piece, to pull it all together. Grout, clean and polish and secure a hanging device on the back.

The mirror would then be a gift for Lorna, a wonderful memory of all her fabulous friends.

They decided to keep this part a secret … they would present her with the finished mosaic at her wedding weekend.

So the venue was set, a lovely pub in leafy North London. I arrived super early to get set up and organised before they all arrived, having been for lunch and full of enthusiasm for the afternoon.

I love meeting people …but meeting on a happy occasion such as this…to spend time creating mosaic … joy oh joy 🙂


Initial introductions over … and my little talk on mosaicing dos and don’ts… The wine was ordered and a wonderful atmosphere of calm ensued.


Mosaics taking shape…
The time flew by, everyone create their own beautiful and very different pieces of artwork…


Lorna’s fabulous moomin


All the mosaics completed


This is when the real work started for me


Having checked all the mosaics to make sure they were firmly stuck I then filled any gaps, got a board cut to size and started working out the order for the artwork, attaching and creating the borders.


Many hours later … mosaic complete


Off I go to deliver the mosaic mirror to one of the lovely hens.

I was so happy with the reaction and delighted to hear that Lorna was thrilled.

What a lovely piece of very personal art to take into married life.

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