Gatton School Workshop

Gatton School Workshop

This was a lovely project in a primary school in Tooting

They wanted a piece of Islamic artwork that would incorporate the schools key values.

After meeting with the head teacher and various other key members of staff to discuss their requirements, we decided on a keyhole arch; the traditional arch of the Islamic architecture.

Through the keyhole it would be as if you are looking out to the minarets of the distant mosques silhouetted by the sky.

Around the keyhole arch we would create a border in a bold geometric design, typical in Islamic art and architecture. I selected gorgeous turquoise tiles to combined with the dark shade of cobalt blue, gold and black.

I created a couple of little borders to show the children what the border would look like so they understood what we were working towards.

The kids were great …. throwing themselves at it with huge enthusiasm. As each little group came and went the art began to take shape..

I created the mosaic text in the studio as this is quite fiddly and very time consuming. I used gorgeous irridised glass tiles.

The completed piece was grouted, cleaned …. and cleaned and cleaned! This always takes a lot of time, particularly when working with children 🙂

Everyone was delighted with the finished artwork … it was installed on the wall of the corridor just outside the reception.

Finished mosaic … makes a great addition to the school wall.

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