Community garden mosaic with Gatton school

Community garden mosaic with Gatton school

It was so lovely to go back to Gatton Primary school in Tooting to work on another project with the children.

This time the workshop was to create an outdoor mosaic to celebrate three years of outdoor learning at the Tooting community garden. The children had been involved in many projects transforming the once overgrown and neglected piece of  land into a wonderful space for all the community to come and enjoy.


GGM12I met with the school head to discuss the project and what the objectives were. I then went off to work on a design to fit the brief.


The mosaic was to include the words, Working together, Growing together and Learning together.

To represent the fact that there are many different people, of other religions and no religions coming together in this garden I thought it would be a good idea to make three separate pieces that connect together to make one.

The mosaic was not to be a piece of Islamic art but my design incorporated a very geometrical  border  include repetition and symmetry, which was a very gentle nod in this direction.

The design was signed off … and everything was ordered and prepared …

The previous mosaic I created with the children at Gatton was an indoor piece, this one was for the garden so this time they would be working with cement adhesive and the design would be fixed to wedi board.

The children were enthusiastic about learning a different technique and it made me smile to hear them explaining to a teacher who dropped by, what wedi washers are and why we use them.

How wonderful to have confirmation they were actually listening!


The children came in small groups and together we worked on leaves and stems… flowers and bugs …


Slowly but surely the mosaics were taking shape…


The borders all done … and a snail taking shape…
Ready for grouting…

Although the children love grouting we were really up against it for time, so I took the mosaics back to the studio to grout and clean ….!  Much scrubbing later the pieces were all looking beautiful and ready for installation before the big day.

It was a wonderful morning. We all basked in the glorious May sunshine as The Mayor officially opened the Vertical Garden made by Year 6 children and unveiled the mosaic .

I popped over to the garden a week later to fill the screw holes from the installation… the bottom two mosaics have now been swapped over … the mosaic now flows as planned 🙂








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  1. Hello,
    I stumbled across your Gatton School project which is stunning. I’m looking to do something similar at my school. Could you give me some rough costings for a similar type of project? The school is based in Bexleyheath so if you do not travel that way no problem!

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