Gardening just sort of sneaked up and got me. I would never have imagined it happening, not in my wildest dreams – when I was growing up I would be forced out to help in the garden; I hated it, I hated being told what to do. I was rock and roll when gardening wasn’t; now it kind of is… but I am definitely not!

I once read ‘when you are done with shopping and sex, you start gardening’. No comment!

When I got the bug it was all consuming. I would dash home from work to tend my plants. When redundancy hit I decided it was time to retrain…

After studying horticulture for two years I started up my business: I advertised locally, the work poured in and my knowledge grew and grew. I also continued my studies at home working on a correspondence course for a diploma in Garden Design.

I particularly adore shady gardens and the enchantment of the dappled light twinkling through the canopy of trees. I love flowers but have a passion for foliage in all its different shapes, textures and colours; in particular ferns, especially as the new fronds emerge.

There is a very strong chance that I may try and persuade you to have some mosaic in your garden; don’t worry, I do take no for an answer!

I love working with children and run mosaic workshops in schools and children’s mosaic parties which are very popular; particularly with 8 years to early teens. Also, mosaic hen parties and ‘any occasion’ parties… so anyone can have a go!

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